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I graduated from a Haute Couture career in 2003 in the city of Santa Fe, Argentina, and began a journey of great ambition and big dreams.

I am trained in Image Consulting, Pattern Cutting, Printing, Weaving and Embroidery Techniques; all these skills were perfected whilst working and experimenting at the atelier of another designer.

Having worked as a teacher of Textiles and Fashion History, I developed a refined and particular infatuation with textures, fabrics and fibres.

After experimenting in the development of some mini-collections of urban clothing-enjoyable as it was-I realised that my passion was in the design of Bespoke Bridal Wear.

In 2012 I moved to Buenos Aires to enhance the growth of my brand.

By attracting the attention of Nubilis, one of the most influential bridal magazines in Argentina, I was able to attend events throughout the country and showcase my designs. This is how over the past 5 years, with hard work and dedication, I achieved a place amongst the most influential Argentinean bridal designers.

It is in my nature to accept a challenge. My next destination is the United Kingdom.

Thank you for visiting my site!


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