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Reborn by Bohemia Photos

A dreamy series of images created by my talented friend Alejandra, from @bohemia_photos, highlighting one of my latest designs.

It isn't the first time that she creates content for my brand but this is the first time she becomes the model as well as the creator... and we loved how well this gown goes with her nostalgic and ethereal style...

I made this gown usign crepe, pleated georgette and flock tulle, as part of a minicollection for the Most Curious show in London. I was invited to take part of the catwalk, showcasing a pleated design. I didn't have much time to work on it but I managed to make a series of 5 looks. So, this design is part of that series. Please, go to my section called 'Shows' on my website to see images from the London and Manchester Most Curious Shows.

Another strong trend in the bridal industry this year was Marie Antoinette, I hope you can see the influence of her fashion in the sleeves cut...

Light... romantic and modern, this gown became one of Alejandras's favourite wedding design.

... What is your feeeling about it?

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