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Real bride: Emma ♡

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

What a joy to finally be able to enjoy of these exquisite photos from Emma's wedding!

Her bespoke bridal gown was finished by September 2021 and she was supposed to get married in November but Covid restricciones prevented it to happen.

The new date was 19th of March ❤

I was so pleased to know that she had an amazing day and she was still in love with her beautiful handmade wedding dress.

Emma had a very clear idea of what she wanted. She loves pastel warm colours like peach, pink, gold and honey so we went for a very unconventional but delicious colour scheme. After a good research, we decided that we were going to work with a soft golden silk satin as a base and a very delicate lace depicting a paisley pattern in peach/copper colours. We added a blush silk chiffon between these main fabric for an extra soft look.

I must say I was so pleased with the result. She looked romantic and true to herself in her bespoke, unique and handmade wedding dress.

Oh!! Not a small detail: The wedding took place in Australia where Emma & James are living now... which makes me feel even luckier!

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