The not predictable bride in Venice

Our talented friend Seba Kurtis travelled to Venice with some of our gowns and came back with epic images.

A bride in Venice by Seba Kurtis

By Seba Kurtis

A gown made by gathering together 75 different rhomboid pieces of fabric, including tulle, organza, lace, satin and taffeta, inspired by the idea of "0 waste" and individuality...

A bride in Venice by Seba Kurtis

Shot in Venice by one of our favourite photographers and also a friend. The incomparable Seba Kurtis, known as well for his work in the wedding industry as Stella Photography (teamed up with Zuzi Salajkova).

We love collaborating with creative artists and seeing how our pieces become part of their individual vision.

Stay tuned becuase this is only a glimpse!

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